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###My Contact Info: ###Slides from presentation:

###Office Hours/Follow-up Session

####July 12 - 5pm - 7:30pm - MakeHartford 30 Arbor St B7 Hartford, CT

####July 20 - 5pm - 7:30pm - MakeHartford 30 Arbor St B7 Hartford, CT

####July 27 - 6pm - MakeHartford 30 Arbor St B7 Hartford, CT

How to get your free Tap!

##1.) Sign-In Sheet

##2.) Submit your Skills Here by August 8th

  • Hackathon you attended*: Hartford

#Resources for creating your skills

##You need to have/create 2 types Amazon Accounts: - Amazon Developer Account for Configuring your Alexa Skills - Amazon Web Services Account for back end services

Here are 2 easy templates to try

###Trivia Template:

Tutorial on Space Geek/Fact Skill

Publication/Submission Notes: In the "Testing Instructions" of the Alexa submission form ( include the following: >#HacksterHartford >#FactSkillTemplate

###Flash Card Template:

Tutorial on Flash Cards

###Additional Resources

New Alexa Repo - including persistance and simplified examples

I also have another tutorial on

GitHub link for other examples:

Advanced Alexa Topics: Persistance, Account Linking, Slot Types

##A few shout-outs and reminders to our local sponsors... Thanks to all the parties that made the event possible.

###Goodwin College - For hosting/donating the space, tables and chairs and time on Saturday.

###MakeHartford - For providing resources in organizing, co-sponsoring breakfast, hosting our office hours and building the community that fosters this activity. (Please check out their open house every Wednesday at 6:30) -

###CT Invention Convention - For all the behind the scenes activities like ordering and picking up the food, coordinating the space and making sure everyone was fed and happy. (Please support their tireless effort to bring technology programming to the children of Connecticut) -

###Metro Hartford Alliance - For generously sponsoring our breakfast and helps drive programming like this to keep Hartford successful.

Support their missions and activities as they help make our community grow!

##---- Show & Tell ----

I am adding a projects folder and uploading some skills I am creating inspired by the 2 templates

###Pretzel Man: Based on Space Geek - Steely Day Trivia

###Naked Lunch: Based on Chemistry Flash Card - Steely Dan Match Song to Album Quiz

Feel Free to Create and Upload your projects to share or list your approved skills so we can check them out

###List of Published skills from the Event

####Three and Tap Ready

[Sports Facts] ( - Joe Mirmina

[Connecticut Facts] ( - Joe Mirmina

[Multiplication Quiz] ( - Joe Mirmina

[soccerfacts] ( - Sanmati Choudhary

[Farmington History Facts] ( - Sanmati Choudhary

[Interesting Indian Facts] ( - Sanmati Choudhary

[Marks Facts] ( - Mark Wolkon

[Car Quiz] ( - Mark Wolkon

[music quiz] ( - Mark Wolkon

[Football Squares Number Picker] ( - Mike Commendatore

[Guitar Fact Skill] ( - Mike Commendatore

[Multiplication Table Tester] ( - Mike Commendatore

[CPUFacts] ( - EMKlaus

[Dinner Options] ( - EMKlaus

[Resistor Value] ( - EMKlaus

[Dweeno Quiz] ( - EMKlaus

[Broadway By Year] ( - Lily Langdon

[Hamilton Facts] ( - Lily Langdon

[Movie Year Quiz] ( - Lily Langdon

[Vinyl Facts] ( - Corey

[Brain Cage] ( - Corey

[Programming Language Authors] ( - Corey

[Rugby Facts] ( - Max Langdon

[Crafter Quiz] ( - Max Langdon

[Water Vapor Facts] ( - Max Langdon

Pretzel Man - Paul Langdon

[Naked Lunch] ( - Paul Langdon

[Bodhisattva] ( - Paul Langdon

[Connecticut Facts] ( - Aaron Johnson

[Southington Facts] ( - Aaron Johnson

[DJ music trivia] ( - Aaron Johnson

[Trivia for Disney Fans] ( - Tyler Lauretti

[Husky Pro] ( - Tyler Lauretti

[Marketing Flash Cards] ( - Tyler Lauretti

[Kitchen Tips] ( - Shyam Vadeyar

[Internet Flashcards] ( - Shyam Vadeyar

[Ask Queen Bee] ( - Shyam Vadeyar

[Soccer Facts] ( - Greg Szczygiel

[United States Presidents] ( - Greg Szczygiel

[State Capital Quiz] ( - Greg Szczygiel

[Island of Milos Facts] ( - ctsif

[Pro Football Team Game] ( - ctsif

[RS Facts] ( - Sea Woods

[The Donald Facts] ( - Sea Woods

[Movie Nerd] ( - Mike Hansen

[Northbridge MA History] ( - Curt Downing

[Nautical Terms Quiz] ( - Curt Downing

[Rollins-Carlson Family Facts] ( - Jeff Carlson

[LDS Trivia] ( - Jeff Carlson

[Taco Facts] ( - Jason Sit

[Wales Facts] ( - Jason Sit

[Solar System Game] ( - Jose Andrade

[Bowling Facts] ( - Brian Hager

[Caper Flashcards] ( - Ben Johnson

[Soccer Facts] ( - Ben Johnson

[C. I. C. Facts] ( - CT Invention Convention

[beagle fact] ( - CT Invention Convention

[Dog Facts] ( - LJohnson

[Bike Safety Tips] ( - M Russo

[Dylan Facts] ( - M Russo

[mars the planet] ( - William Hoover

[Connecticut Facts] ( - chadioo Challenges

Don't forget to document your skill and create a project for the challenge. The first 50 submissions get $100 gift card.

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