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== Redmine2mite v1.3.1
* Changed deprecated interpolation syntax in I18n messages to the current version
== Redmine2mite v1.3
* New feature: Time entries connected to mite can be added directly in the Update (issue/<issue-id>) or Create form (issue/new) of an issue.
== Redmine2mite v1.2.1
* implemented the current version of "mite-rb" (v0.3) which now sends additionally the name and version of the user agent within every request
== Redmine2mite v1.2
* New feature: Added possibility to exclude projects from binding to mite
* CHANGE: Instead of always showing the option for excluding the sending of a time entry to mite, you can now decide for yourself if want this to show up in the user preferences
Please note: This upgrade includes a database update. So you have to run
rake db:migrate_plugins
before using this new version.
== Redmine2mite v1.1.2
* Bugfix - time entry date wasn't recognized properly
* New Feature: added a checkbox (checked by default) to let the user decide if he wants to send a time entry to mite or not
== Redmine2mite v1.1.1
* fixed a bug in Safari and other WebKit-Browsers where buttons would not submit the form
== Redmine2mite v1.1
* added support for Rails "i18n module" which is required in Redmine >= 0.9
== Redmine2mite v1.0
* initial release