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require 'redmine'
require 'dispatcher'
require 'time_entry_patch'
require 'project_patch'
require 'user_patch'
# hooks
require_dependency 'time_log_entry_layout_hook.rb'
require_dependency 'issue_details_layout_hook.rb'
# extend the Redmine core
Dispatcher.to_prepare do
TimeEntry.send(:include, TimeEntryPatch)
Project.send(:include, ProjectPatch)
User.send(:include, UserPatch)
Redmine::Plugin.register :redmine2mite do
name 'Redmine2mite'
author 'Yolk – Sebastian Munz & Julia Soergel GbR / Thomas Klein'
description 'Redmine2mite connects your Redmine account with your mite.account. Track your time easily on issues within Redmine and get them automatically send to mite.'
version '1.2.1'
requires_redmine :version_or_higher => '0.8.0'
menu :account_menu, :mite, { :controller => 'mite', :action => 'index' }, :caption => 'mite', :before => :logout, :if =>{User.current.logged?}