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Redmine Closed Issue

A plugin that records the date when the issue is closed and shows it on the issue detail view and more

Version 0.0.1

- Record the date when an issue is closed
- Filter issues by the closed date
- Show the closed date on issue view
- Show the closed date as a column in issue list

Version 0.0.2

- Added english translation
- Bulk edit bug fix
- Closed date is only changed on a status change, and if the status is a final status
- API request bug fix

Version 0.0.3 (by Jan Schulz-Hofen, Planio GmbH)

- Added namespaces to patches and hooks
- Refactored view overloads to proper patches

Get the Stable Version

- Clone the project
- run git tag to see a list of available versions
- run git checkout v0.0.x, to the preferred version


- Install the plugin
- Migrate
- Patch app/views/issues/show.rhtml using the patch file in extra/
- Patch app/views/issues/show.api.rsb using the patch file in extra/
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