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The Problem

Every developer knows that a framework lives and dies by its documentation. Proper documentation makes things easy to learn, ensuring that a framework will attract new users and remain relevant and healthy. For this reason, I've been consistently surprised by the poor quality of the CakePHP documentation. Don't get me wrong, if you're willing to spend some time searching you can usually find what you're looking for – but the process of "drilling down" into the "Cake Book" can leave one feeling frustrated. To help curb this frustration I've put together a little application that will hopefully make browsing the Cake Book a little more intuitive.

Introducing, FrostedDocs for CakePHP

I'm pleased to introduce "FrostedDocs for CakePHP", a webkit (chrome or safari) mini-app that provides a more useful way of browsing the CakePHP book. Specifically, this app solves the following problems:

*No more aimless browsing through sub-menu after sub-menu. FrostedDocs will (after ~20 minutes) preload the entire Cake Book menu, allowing you to instantly drill down without painful page reloads. Once the menu is finished loading you may save it to your localStore.
*Cache documentation pages within your HTML5 capable browser using localStore.
*Avoid the AdSense eyesore that currently inhabits the Cake Book.
*Easily theme the documentation to your liking.