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An inhouse PHP framework based on the principles of MVC
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Adjusting the default error reporting level during bootstrap to allow…

… Seed to load on PHP 5.3 and eventually PHP 5.4.
latest commit 5e0ce1b028
@mcferno mcferno authored
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api Added youtube api. Extracted generic api functionality from lastfm ap…
cache Added first version of new caching component.
cli Improved CLI code.
controller A hack to stop our applications from using custom
db Removed some extra whitespace.
email/lib Added preliminary email support.
error Added PHP IDS checking
feed Some cosmetic changes.
framework added scheme awareness (http/s)
import modified DB import - had issues with extra fields that had spaces in …
js deleting unneeded files
library Added preg_pos function.
model Fixed bug (?) in length validator message
network Made some fixes to net library.
seed Brought directory skeleton up to date.
server_tests Added server setup testing scripts.
testing Fixed typo in test support.
vendor Adding in phpids version 0.6.5 (
view added select_filter for backend
xml Added optional input encoding to XmlParser::parse.
README added a readme file
framework.php Started work on new include system.
index.php Added server tests to index.php.
phpinfo.php New directory structure.
seed.php Adjusting the default error reporting level during bootstrap to allow…
test.php Merged support component into library.


This project is not being actively maintained and is currently undocumented.
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