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SSL Secure Component: Programmatically securing your controller actions.
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SSL Component

This Secured component allows you to programmatically define which controller actions should be served under a secure HTTPS connection.

Most of the time, this functionality is achieved through judicious use of rewrite/redirect rules in your webserver (Apache, Lighhtpd, Nginx, etc.). Defining this logic in your webserver is advantageous - an incorrect request never hits your application code, and it could be handled by a proxy to ensure that your application servers are not bothered with requests they cannot serve.

However, there are cases where the programmatic definition of which controllers & actions is desirable - 1) during development, 2) situations where you do not have access to .htaccess or the webserver configuration, 3) when static definitions of secured URLs do not suffice.

This very simple component attempts to address the above issues, and allows for a very intuitive and straightforward configuration. Here is a sample config, where we desire that the login action within the users controller to be served via HTTPS, and all store actions to be served via HTTPS:

/* app_controller.php */

 * Components for all controllers.
 * @var array Components, with optional configuration directives.
 public $components = array(
 	'Secured.Ssl' => array(
 		'secured' => array(
 			'users' => 'login',
 			'store' => '*'
 	    'autoRedirect' => true,  // Set to false to temporarily disable this component
 	    'prefixes' => 'admin'   // Allow securing areas by prefix routing. In this case, the whole admin area


  • A valid and properly installed/configured SSL certificate.
  • This component.
  • CakePHP 1.2/1.3 (the latter has not been tested, but should work without issue).

Things that need to be done:

  • Test cases
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