A component-based state machine for restricting the user control flow graph.
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Yantra Component

This component allows you to specify sets of states, transitions and events that comprise the foundation of a finite state machine.

What's a finite state machine, you ask? Well if you're using this component, you probably already have an idea of how they work. If not, then there is more information available in the Resources & References section below.


An example configuration:

public $components = array(
    'Yantra.Yantra' => array(
        'auto' => true,
        'default' => 'signing in',
        'states' => array(
            'signing in' => array('sign_in', 'new_user'),
            'billing' => 'billing',
            'paying' => 'payment',
            'reviewing' => 'summary',
            'processing' => 'fulfill'
        'transitions' => array(
            'sign in' => array('signing in' => 'billing'),
            'bill & ship' => array('billing' => 'paying'),
            'pay' => array('paying' => 'reviewing'),
            'review' => array('reviewing' => 'processing'),

This defines a finite state machine with a total of 5 states (signing in, billing, paying, reviewing and processing). The values that correspond to these keys are the controller actions which correspond to this state. As a result of this formulation, a state may be comprised of more than one action.

The transitions are then defined, which are the allowed paths that a state-change can take. In the example above the keys under transitions are the events, and the values attached to these events are key/value pairs of valid state transitions.

For example, it is possible to transition from the paying to the reviewing state (the 'pay' event), but it is not possible to transition from paying to sign in. We would call this an invalid state transition. Attempting to travel along a forbidden transition path will result in a redirect back to the origin state.


YantraComponent::transition($from, $to): Transition from one state to another YantraComponent::transitions(): Get all defined transitions. YantraComponent::event($events): Manually trigger an event to cause a transition. YantraComponent::events(): Get all defined events. YantraComponent::state($state): Get the current state. YantraComponent::states(): Get all defined states.

See the doc blocks for more specifics on the API, and the test cases for their intended usage.

Resources & References