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Welcome to the PlanMill API wiki!


Complete API documentation for browsing: The html documentation is generated automatically from the RAML and JSON files in this Github repository. Credits to

Need help using PlanMill:

Who should use our API and read this doc?

This guide and our PlanMill API is intended for developers who wish do custom integrations.

If you are not into coding or want to at least minimize the effort, please check our ready made Zapier integrations.

We also provide other ready made integrations to email servers, financial systems etc.

Latest releases

See our latest API changing releases here:

Issues and feedback

If you have problems or enhancement ideas with our API or API documentation, you can report your issues in this repository. Please check first for any issues others have already reported to avoid duplicates.

We welcome your input, so feel free to create pull requests to our API documentation or this wiki.

If you have problems using PlanMill system it self or you need to know more about the data and functionality of the system to use the API, please check our product documentation in our Help Center first.

If you have problems or questions regarding some functionality or data in your own PlanMill instance or you don't have access to use the API, please contact first your company's own PlanMill POwer user. If you are the Power user, you can contact our support through the Help Center.