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Plant An App Documentation

Getting started

In order to get started contributing to the documentation, you will need the following:

First of all, you will need GitExtensions and Visual Studio Code installed in order to have control over the repository and be able to modify the documentation.

You will also have to install Node, the minimum version currently requested by Docusaurus is Node >= 10.9.0.

We recommend installing the following Visual Studio Code extensions for markdown:

The quick set-up procedure is the following:

  1. Clone the repository into your folder of choice.
  2. Navigate inside the folder of the project you cloned.
  3. Use the key combo Shift + Right-Click in order to bring up menu and select 'Open Powershell Window here'
  4. Inside the new window run the command npm install which will install all the necessary dependencies to run Docusaurus locally.
  5. After the command finishes, run the command npm start which will start your local server and open a new tab with the site in your browser.