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Genome Integrative System (GenIE-Sys)
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GenIECMS Website | Documentation | Demo | Users

Following code is good for quick test. However, you need to have working webserver like (MAMP or LAMP) to test the GenIE-Sys features.
git clone --recursive
cd geniesys
php -S localhost:3000 

GenIE-Sys Development
This is the Development and the latest version of GenIE-Sys. Our main goal is to add admin interface where users can easily create database plus integrate different types of data, create new pages and menus, configure tools and changing website layout by using Themes.

As we mentioned in documentation, we have two ways to start GenIE-Sys:

1.) Using the Docker image
2.) Using standalone webserver

However, we need to have an error free GenIE-Sys to running in the backend to compatible with both above situations. For the development purpose I would like to use the docker container, commit and push changes to genie.git and simply remove the container.

How can we make GenIE-Sys development environment with Docker?

# Please comment the supporting_files/ line to avoid download the geniecms.git  
git clone  
cd docker4geniecms  
git submodule add -f  
docker build -t genie -f ./Dockerfile .  
docker run --rm -i -t -p "80:80" -p "3308:3306" -v ${PWD}/genie:/app -v ${PWD}/mysql:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ADMIN_PASS="mypass" --name genie genie  
cd genie 

When we need to commit changes, please go to cd docker4geniecms/genie folder. Never commit from docker4geniecms folder. Because it will add genie as a submodule. Incase you mistakenly pushed from docker4geniecms folder, please cd docker4geniecms and git rm genie. You can access MySQL using mysql -u admin -pmypass -h localhost -P 3308 or using phpMyAdmin. Some useful docker commands are as follows.

# Must be run first because images are attached to containers
docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q)
# Delete every Docker images
docker rmi -f $(docker images -q)
# To see docker process
docker ps -l 
# To see or remove all volumes
docker volume ls/prune
# To run bash inside the running docker container
docker exec -it 890fa15eeef6126b668f4b0fcb7a38b33eaff0 /bin/bash
docker attach 890fa15eeef6126b668f4b0fcb7a38b33eaff0

Now we can start the real development and push changes into genie.

Licence & Contributors

This work is under Free and Open Source licence

Contributions are welcome!

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