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HTTP API for the Robot Construction Kit (Rock)
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= rock-webapp


A REST API and in-browser UI to interface with a Rock system

== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: Ports that provide bit messages are read very slowly, this can be sped up by usding the binary mode by setting the binary option PORTURL?binary=true

== Running

Just run


And open localhost:9292 in a browser (further api information there)

== Syskit If your system is using syskit, you can start webapp from a bundle and interface with syskit using

rock-webapp --enable-syskit

= Addons

You might want to add constom html/js control elements to use with the ui, to add them, you can set the


Environment variable to a folder, which is then presentes as localhost:9292/ui/addon/ for the browser.

= Folder structure

rock/webapp/ -- main folder with grape initialization of subfolders rock/webapp/syskit -- syskit related ruby code (server side) rock/webapp/tasks -- rock components related ruby code (server side) rock/webapp/ui -- html/js user interface

rock/webapp/ui/css -- common css styles rock/webapp/ui/js -- common JavaScript libraries rock/webapp/ui/syskit/ -- syskit related html rock/webapp/ui/syskit/js -- syskit related JavaScript libraries rock/webapp/ui/tasks/ -- rock components related html rock/webapp/ui/tasks/js -- rock components related JavaScript libraries rock/webapp/ui/tasks/js/api -- rock components JavaScript API rock/webapp/ui/tasks/js/gui -- rock JavaScript GUI elements (js)

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