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Plantronics Amazon Connect Sample Code

This folder contains the sample code to illustrate integrating Plantronics with Amazon Connect.

Note: to make this work with YOUR OWN Amazon Connect instance, you need to update the URL in the code where it says: https://your-amazon-connect-domain/

This sample code has been tested with the current version of Amazon Connect, and Plantronics will be available to answer developer questions during integration. In accordance to the developer policy available at http://developer.plantronics.com/node/551/, this code is made available on an as-is basis.

Getting Started with Plantronics Amazon Connect integration sample code

This sample code illustrates how to integrate Plantronics Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP) with the Plantronics REST API in order to implement headset call control for Amazon Connect.

The 4 files that comprise it are:

  1. Plantronics Amazon Connect.html
  2. amazon-connect-v1.2.0.js
  3. spokes.js
  4. util.js


Here is a screenshot of the sample code in action Here is a screenshot of the sample code in action

List of pre-requisites

List of features included with this sample code

  • CCP (Contact Control Panel) embedded on custom page with JavaScript that connects to Amazon Connect Streams API and Plantronics REST API (client-based API)
  • Call control integration with call answer/end controlled by headset button
  • Wireless audio link established when on call (required for Plantronics legacy products)
  • Agent Availability (Offline/Available) based on headset QD (Quick Disconnect) connector (note, the defined agent states must be Offline/Available - currently hard-coded in this sample code

Steps needed to run this sample code:

  1. You need to host your copy of these files on your own secure web server (https) on the Internet, e.g. https://your-domain/Plantronics%20Amazon%20Connect.html, and have https://your-domain whitelisted in your Amazon Connect instance, in order to allow the page to embed your CCP (Contact Control Panel). For more info see the “Getting Started, Whitelisting” section of: https://github.com/aws/amazon-connect-streams/blob/master/Documentation.md
  2. In the file "Plantronics Amazon Connect.html" you need to change the ccpUrl value to your own Amazon Connect instance (for example https://your-amazon-connect-domain/connect/ccp#/ Note: the Amazon Connect domain will be the same as the domain in the URL you use to administrate your Amazon Connect instance.
  3. Load the solution in your web browser, e.g. visit https://your-domain/Plantronics%20Amazon%20Connect.html