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Haskell implementation of the Bitcoin specifications
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Haskoin is an implementation of the Bitcoin protocol in Haskell.


Haskoin is a package implementing the Bitcoin protocol specifications. It is written in pure Haskell and the library is implemented mostly with pure functions (no IO monad). It provides the following features:

  • ECDSA cryptographic primitives (secp256k1)
  • Hashing functions (sha-256, ripemd-160)
  • Base58 encoding
  • BIP32 extended key derivations
  • BIP39 mnemonic key
  • Script parsing and evaluation
  • Building and signing of standard transactions (regular, multisig, p2sh)
  • Deterministic signing (rfc-6979)
  • Network protocol type parsing
  • Headerchain implementation (Blockchain with headers only)
  • Bloom filters and partial merkle tree library
  • Headers-first SPV node implementation (network-only, no wallet)
  • JSON-RPC/Stratum client library

A wallet implementation using the SPV node library is available in the haskoin-wallet package.


Installing from Cabal

You can install the latest stable version of the haskoin package automatically through the cabal package manager:

# Compile for prodnet 
cabal install haskoin

# Compile for testnet
cabal install haskoin --flags=testnet


Commits are done through GitHub pull requests.

We do a lot of our technical discussions in the IRC channel #haskoin on

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