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A list of MRI acquisition protocols that are compliant with the PARENCHIMA technical recommendations for clinical renal MRI
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This repository holds a collection of renal MRI acquisition protocols that are compliant with the PARENCHIMA technical recommendations for clinical renal MRI and published in a special MAGMA issue. For more details on the process and link to the publications please see:

This repository acts as supplementary material to the published recommendations contain MRI acquisition protocols in vendor-specific format. The aim is to facilitate local implementations of sequences that are compliant with the general recommendations.


If you have protocols that are compliant with the recommendations then please foward those to the PARENCHIMA task force leads:

Dr. Pim Pullens (, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium)

Prof. Steven Sourbron (, University of Sheffield, UK)

They will forward your submission to the chairs of the expert panels who will check for compliance with the recommendations. If the panel chairs confirm that the protocols are compliant then they will be made available on this github page.


Please submit a single file for each MRI method (ASL, DWI, BOLD or T1-T2) in pdf form. The first two pages should be the cover pages adapated from the template provided in this folder (PARENCHIMA_protocol_coverpage_template.docx). The other pages should define the sequence in vendor-specific format. The cover pages contain the following information:

(1) Author names, contact details and affiliation;

(2) Protocol specifications such as vendor, scanner model, software version, sites and scanners where it has been tested;

(3) Provenance (who set up the protocol, when, for which study, where has it been used);

(4) References to publications presenting results that were obtained with the protocol.

(5) Licensing statement (should not be modified)

Please use the following naming convention for the files:


Non-compliant protocols

We can also make non-compliant renal MRI protocols available on this page, or protocols describing methods for which recommendations are not yet available. Please send a single pdf to the task force leads - this has free formatting and should not use the PARENCHIMA template or logo, but please include some references to the studies or publications where the protocol has been used. pdf's for non-compliant protocols can contain multiple sequences and should be named as follows:



All protocols on this Github page are made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

If you are not able to release your protocol under this license then please identify other means to release it. We may still be able to add a link to the release at a later stage.

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