Autotruncate Rails test and development log files
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rails_log_autotruncator — Rails log auto truncate

rails_log_autotruncator is a simple (monkey)patch for ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger that limits a log file size. Use it if you just don't want your rails project development or test log file becomes large.


You don't need this gem for ruby 1.9.3 and up. You can add the following code to your environment config file (i.e. config/environments/test.rb) for Rails 4:

config.logger =['log'].first, 1, 5.megabytes)

For Rails 3:

config.logger =, 1, 5.megabytes)

5.megabytes is a max log file size in this case. You can adjust it according to your needs.


  • Ruby 1.9.2 Rails 3.0.6
  • Ruby 1.8.7 Rails 2.3.5



Add the rails_log_autotruncator gem to your Gemfile:

group :development, :test do
  gem 'rails_log_autotruncator'
Rails 2 without Bundler
gem install rails_log_autotruncator

then add to your environment.rb to

config.gem "rails_log_autotruncator", :lib => "rails_log_autotruncator"


Copyright (c) 2011 Dzmitry Plashchynski. See LICENSE for details.