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eJSTK is a toolkit to develop a subset of JavaScript VM.


Takafumi Kataoka, Tomoharu Ugawa, Hideya Iwasaki: A Framework for Constructing JavaScript Virtual Machines with Customized Datatype Representations, ACM SAC 2018.


This repository contains three submodules for tools developed in the eJS project.

  • ejsvm --- eJSVM compiler
  • vmgen --- tools for generating datatype part and instruction part of the eJSVM
  • ejsc --- JavaScript compiler to eJSVM code

Quick Start

Please note that eJSVM currently supports only a subset of JavaScript. If your JavaScript program does not work, please try a simpler example.

Prepare source files

  1. Clone all submodules

  2. Make symbolic link to vmgen under ejsvm

cd ejsvm
ln -s ../vmgen

eJS Compiler

  1. Download the following files and place them under ejsc/libs.
  • antlr-4.5.3-complete.jar
  • javax.json-1.0.4.jar
  1. Build by make compiler.jar under ejsc directory.

  2. compiler.jar will be created. Execute it. Following command will compile a JavaScript file sample.js and create sample.sbc.

$ java -jar compiler.jar sample.js


  1. Build vmgen by ant under the ejsvm/vmgen directory.

  2. Create the common part of Makefile ejsvm/ ejsvm/ is the template. You may need to modify it for your environment.

  3. Create a build directory. For example, mkdir ejsvm/build.

  4. Create a Makefile under the build directory. Makefile specifies a datatype definition file and a operand specification file, and includes The following example is a Makefile for a VM with default type definitions and instructions accepting any datatype of operands.

.PRECIOUS: %.c %.h
include ../

  1. Build by make.

  2. Execute an sbc file by ./ejsvm sample.sbc execute sample.sbc.

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