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A Javascript plugin for Mootools
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The Wall - A Javascript plugin for Mootools

The Wall is a plugin for Mootools javascript framework designed to create walls of infinite dimensions. Its flexibility allows different applications, from infinite wall mode to Coda slider mode. The Wall creates compatible interfaces with the newer browsers and iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

Urls The Wall

The trailer: Trailer

Project site:

My portfolio:

How to use

Snippet code Javascript:


// Define The Wall
var maxLength = 100; // Max Number images or array length
var counter   = 1;
var wall = new Wall("wall", {
                callOnUpdate: function(items){
                    items.each(function(e, i){
                        // This is example code
                        var a = new Element("img[src=/your/folder/images/"+counter+".jpg]");
                        // Reset counter
                        if( counter > maxLength ) counter = 1;
// Init Wall

Snippet code HTML:


<!-- Viewport and Wall -->
<div id="viewport">
    <div id="wall"></div>
<!-- END Viewport and Wall -->

Snippet code CSS:


/* Minimal Css Required */
    margin:0 auto;
    background:#111111  ;

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