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General Purpose Plasma Python Implementation

This repository contains code which simulates a 'generalized plasma' implementation. This means that it implements a few smart contracts which share a common interface that allow for maximal layer 2 interoperability.

This repository contains a standard plasma chain, but also includes python implementations of common state channels like payment channels. It also contains more sophisticated plasma predicate logic which handles things like multi-sigs & more.

Note that this was written in Python so that it can serve as an easy to digest example of these topics. A more special purpose language would be used in practice, like Vyper. However, the core logic will remain the same even if there are slight data structure changes & things like signatures and inclusion proofs will not be mocked.


  • Python3


$ cd gen-plasma # navigate to root directory
$ python3 -m venv venv # create virtual enviornment
$ . venv/bin/activate # activate virtual enviornment
$ pip install pytest # install pytest--the only dependency

Test it out

$ pytest # run the tests!

test/ ..
test/ .                 
test/predicates/ ....
test/predicates/ ....

========== x passed in 0.06 seconds ==========
$ # You did it! Now take a look at the code :)
$ vim test/predicates/ # the transfer predicate is a pretty good place to start :)
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