Tool for Flashing PM as LXC Container on top of CM
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Tool for Flashing CM+PM as LXC Container

Typical workflow.. (How it works)

  • Waits for device to be in fastboot mode,
  • Downloads twrp recovery and flashes into recovery
  • Boots into recovery
  • Downloads and pushes it to /cache
  • Creates command file with
  • pushes it to /cache/recovery/command
  • Reboots into recovery
  • recovery installs
  • reboots in system
  • Installs lxc and plasma rootfs

Howto use

To run..

git clone
cd pm-flashtool

Without options pm-flash script downloads all files again, pass '-c' to let it use cache instead

./pm-flash -c


a) Downloads the files required in ~/.cache/plasmaphone b) Flashes cyanogenmod c) Puts togather lxc and plasma rootfs

After that you can run

adb root
adb shell
lxc-start -n system -F

to get login console and plasma started

Multirom version

See instructions here :