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<title>Exce-Lint Privacy Statement</title>
<img src="logos/ExceLint/ExceLint.png" height="100" alt="[Exce-Lint logo]">
<h1 id="privacystatement">Privacy Statement</h1>
<h2>Personal data we collect</h2>
<p>The Exce-Lint add-in for Microsoft Excel does not collect
personally identifiable information about you.
<h2>Other data collected</h2>
<p>Exce-Lint currently collects no information of any kind. In
order to track and improve Exce-Lint's effectiveness, Exce-Lint
may in the future collect information to measure how features of
Exce-Lint are being used and to evaluate their effectiveness, as
well as details about the platform being used (e.g., Excel
Online). No spreadsheet data will ever be collected or stored.
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