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Rehearsal: A Configuration Verification Tool for Puppet

See the Rehearsal website for a demo.

Automated Installation with Vagrant.

We've provided a Vagrantfile that creates a VirtualBox VM with everything needed to run Rehearsal and its benchmarks. After installing Vagrant, from the root directory of this repository, run the following command to create the virtual machine:

vagrant up --provider virtualbox

After the virtual machine is built, SSH into the machine and build Rehearsal:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant
sbt compile

Next, run the benchmarks:

cd results
make all

This command will produce the files sizes.pdf, determinism.pdf, and idempotence.pdf which correspond to Figures 12(a), 12(b), and 12(c) in the accepted version of the paper.

Manual Installation

We've used both Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X to develop Rehearsal. It should be straightforward to install Rehearsal on these systems. Rehearsal may work on Windows, but we do not claim that it will.


  1. Oracle JDK 8

  2. Microsoft Z3 Theorem Prover 4.4.1

    After installation, place the z3 executable in your PATH.

    NOTE: We've had issues the version of Z3 that is in the Ubuntu 16.04 repositories. We suggest downloading Z3 from the link above.

  3. A Datalog implementation. Rehearsal will work with John Ramsdell's Datalog (version 2.5 or higher). With a little more work, other implementations can be used.

    *NOTE: the Datalog implementation above will not work if it is linked to the readline library, which happens automatically if you have the readline headers installed. If so, you can disable readline support by running the following command after ./configure:

    sed -i "s/-DHAVE_LIBREADLINE=1//g" Makefile # This is terrible
  4. sbt version 0.13.9 or higher

In addition, to run the benchmarks and generate graphs, you'll need to install:

  1. The make command

  2. R 3.2.2 or higher

  3. Scala 2.11.7 or higher

    When building and running Rehearsal, SBT downloads its own copy of Scala. The benchmarks use Scala in a shell script, so Scala needs to be installed independently.

  4. Several R packages: ggplot2, sitools, scales, plyr, dplyr, grid, fontcm, and extrafont.

    You can install these within the R REPL. For example:


    NOTE: R packages require g++ and gcc to be installed.

  5. The Computer Modern font for R:

    R -e "library(extrafont); font_install('fontcm')"
  6. The ghostscript package on Linux systems. (Unclear what is required in lieu of ghostscript on Mac OS X.)

Building and Testing

From the root directory of the repository:

sbt compile
sbt test

All tests should pass.


After building:

cd results && make