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Basically this is an SVN import of the google-mobwite project over at google code with some minor alterations and patching to the gateway script up and running via WSGI instead of mod_python. I have also cleaned away all the other stuff that I didn't need (java, php, etc).

The main meat of the updates are to be found in daemon/, which is pretty much a straight up port of Neil Fraser's original python gateway to run under WSGI instead of mod_python. Verrra nice.

Cajun style

I'm just going to assume you are using virtualenv & virtualevwrapper because you should be...

  1. virtualenv --no-site-packages mobwrite
  2. cdvirtualenv
  3. git clone git://

Open a couple of new terminals (& move into the new virtualenv again, etc) you can;

  1. First terminal;
    • cd google-mobwrite/daemon
    • python
  2. Second terminal;
    • cd google-mobwrite/daemon
    • python

Now you should be able to test everything is working locally over yonder: http://localhost:8000/?editor.