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86c8e54 José Valim Fix gemspec to not include tmp or log files, closes #1632.
josevalim authored
1 test/rails_app/log/*
2 test/rails_app/tmp/*
f8f8ba0 Carlos Antonio da Silva Changing SECURE_AUTH_SITE_KEY to mattr_accessor, adding gitignore and re...
carlosantoniodasilva authored
3 *~
4 coverage/*
5 *.sqlite3
870912d José Valim beta 4 works, yay.
josevalim authored
6 .bundle
4fd5d09 Carlos Antonio da Silva Adding README to rdoc and rdoc dir to gitignore
carlosantoniodasilva authored
7 rdoc/*
fcea586 José Valim No need for remember_token indexes.
josevalim authored
8 pkg
5bf2eb3 José Valim Updated .gitignore.
josevalim authored
9 log
5374119 Ches Martin Untrack Gemfile.lock
ches authored
10 test/tmp/*
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