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Find file Copy path
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# frozen_string_literal: true
# Each time a record is set we check whether its session has already timed out
# or not, based on last request time. If so, the record is logged out and
# redirected to the sign in page. Also, each time the request comes and the
# record is set, we set the last request time inside its scoped session to
# verify timeout in the following request.
Warden::Manager.after_set_user do |record, warden, options|
scope = options[:scope]
env = warden.request.env
if record && record.respond_to?(:timedout?) && warden.authenticated?(scope) &&
options[:store] != false && !env['devise.skip_timeoutable']
last_request_at = warden.session(scope)['last_request_at']
if last_request_at.is_a? Integer
last_request_at =
elsif last_request_at.is_a? String
last_request_at = Time.parse(last_request_at)
proxy =
if record.timedout?(last_request_at) &&
!env['devise.skip_timeout'] &&
Devise.sign_out_all_scopes ? proxy.sign_out : proxy.sign_out(scope)
throw :warden, scope: scope, message: :timeout
unless env['devise.skip_trackable']
warden.session(scope)['last_request_at'] =
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