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Change Copyright also in license file [ci skip]

See d435118 for the readme change.
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-Copyright 2009-2012 Plataforma Tecnologia.
+Copyright 2009-2012 Plataformatec.
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the

3 comments on commit cba1820


All the authentication plugins I've seen are implementing one-page user registration - user enters all his fields and then they are submitted at once. Bun now we have requirements to do multi-page registration wizard where user should be created on the very first page and then, on other pages should provide more and more information with saving after each page submit. Does Devise support this? If not, how would you suggest to implement this in a project which is using Devise?



Please ask questions like this on Devise mailing list or Stack overflow.


The plugins mostly give you the basis for the common auth/registration interface. This requirement is different for each application, and thus it's developers responsibility to implement such cases. I've already implemented a similar multi-step sign up, based on Devise, and yeah it works pretty well, but you'll have to find your way through the normal process.

Also, please use the mailing list if you want further help, theoretically this is not the proper place for questions :).

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