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Email uniqueness with scope and forgot password #1739

cedricbousmanne opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I run into an issue with Devise 2.0.4.

I want my user email's to be unique depending on an account_id, so i setup my initializer this way :

config.authentication_keys = [ :email, :account_id ]

After having fix my login form, everything seems to be OK.

But when i try to retrieve a lost password for a user whom email address has been used more than once, Devise seem to take only the first user matching the email address, without asking for the account_id - even if i provided it as a parameter.

Thank you


If I am not wrong, there are also reset_password_keys available for configuration, could you please check?


You're right. Thank you for your answer and sorry not to have completely read the configuration file before asking ;-)


That's fine. :)


I have a scenario where i want the users to have multiple logins with same email address and provider. So my user model has email and provider and i want to scope the email based on provider. I tried config.authentication_keys = [ :email, :provider ] but it didn't work. Do i need to have a separate model in order for this to work?

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