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find_first_by_auth_conditions used instead of find_for_authentication #1752

pivotalhalogen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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See here:

Should this be using find_for_authentication instead? It seems that we're not getting the override ability because of this.


Thanks for the pull request


Hey everyone, I had to revert the pull request because find_for_authentication should not be called without an authentication workflow, and this pull request changed that. The reason is because authentication receives specific parameters like the request parameters and those won't be available where this change your made.

@pivotalhalogen could you please tell us what you are trying to achieve? We could either provide a specific hook for you or document an existing one.


I am trying to do exactly the same as @pivotalhalogen, any new on this? Since the issue is close this is considered _impossible_ or there is another way?

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