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Hi guys,

Just wondering why there is no default translation for


using devise2.0.4


Hm, I don't think this is a devise error, can you be more specific about how it is happening? In any case, before we actually determine whether this is an issue or not, I'll have to ask you to send more info to the mailing list first. Thanks!

Hi @carlosantoniodasilva ,

That is actually just a small part of a problem I'm solving but I think it can give me a step on solving my problem. Here's how it's happening to me actually (It's a bit long but this is how I reproduce it):
(or this one might be a more descriptive on how it's appearing)


@alecguintu It seems to be an error in the communication with twitter. The session expired is not from Devise, but probably twitter sending you that message. Try to check what is in env in your controller, for more information. Here is how devise omniauth callback controller looks like:

@josevalim Yes. I think it's communication between us and twitter's. But the set_flash_message part was looking for en.devise.authentications.user.failure when it happens which the default devise.en.yml doesn't have.

pardon but I'm still using 2.0.4 omniauth_callbacks_controller.rb


Well, we cannot foresee all messages omniaauth is going to send us, although you have a point, we should at least have a default message so it doesn't explode on users face.

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