Devise scoped views for roles #2188

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This is probably related to Issue #1692 Devise scoped views, however, it applies to when views are generated for a specific role (e.g., admins).

The generated partial for links (admins/shared/_links.erb) is not taken, but the default one from the Gem.

I added the customized _links.erb to a new folder devise/shared/_links.erb, and this one is taken. However, it should be in admins/shared/_links.erb


According to @rodrigoflores' comment, you should be using admins/_links.erb instead of admins/shared/_links.erb, right? Can you try it out and see if it works?


@ItalianChef have you tried this?


I am closing this. @ItalianChef, if you have more news, please let us know!

@josevalim josevalim closed this Jan 8, 2013
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