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multiple devise model behaves differently #2190

jmaniv opened this Issue · 9 comments

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I downloaded sample project from
I logged-in as admin and normal user in same browser. Again I tried to login to user sign_in page, devise restricting to login but it allows to login admin again(admin's sign_in page).
Same problem exists in my application also


If I already signed-in with admin account then devise restricts admin sign-in page only when I plug-in :rememberable in my admin devise model.


Is the behavior still there if you disable sign_out_all_scopes in config/initializers/devise.rb? I am having a hard time understanding exactly what the problem is so if you could type it out as steps, it would be helpful.


I have just tried this. I cannot access the sign in as admin page after i am signed in as admin. If you are signing out, please take a look at @latortuga suggestions above!

@josevalim josevalim closed this

@josevalim have you manually change the URL as localhost:3000/admin/sign_in. devise allow to render admin login form even signed in as admin.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. sign-in as User

  2. sign-in as admin
    (now you can have sign out link for both accounts)

  3. Now manually change the user's sign-in URL as localhost:3000/users/sign_in, devise will redirect to index page of home controller with flash message as "You are already signed in."

4. Again change the admin's sign-in URL as localhost:3000/admin/sign_in, devise will render admin login form. But actually it should redirect with flash message.

@latortuga behavior still exists even disable sign_out_all_scopes.

@latortuga latortuga referenced this issue from a commit in latortuga/devise
@latortuga latortuga Add test for Issue #2190
Seems to be passing for me.

@jmaniv I wrote a test trying to reproduce your issue and couldn't get it to work with the devise test app. Now this doesn't mean that your issue isn't real, merely that we haven't reproduced it yet. Do you think you could try to write a failing test for the example app (submit a Pull Request to it) that shows the behavior?


@latortuga sorry i haven't tried with test case, I just test manually as I said above (refer my previous comment)
I have attached sample project, can you please checkout and verify it?


@josevalim I just realized that this bug report is for devise 1.4. What's the policy on updates to old versions? I can try to track this down (his example app does indeed exhibit the behavior he says) but I don't want to do it if the policy is not to push updates to the 1.4 series anymore.


We don't maintain old versions. Thanks @latortuga for the hard work!

@jmaniv that's the reason we ask in the file to list the Rails, Devise and Warden versions when submitting a bug report. It saves everyone time.


I downloaded and tested the sample project from your official site and I have mentioned this url in my first post.
You have mentioned Rails and Devise version clearly on the page of the project(This will install Rails 3, sqlite3-ruby gem and Devise 1.4.7).
Sorry for not declaring the versions. Since you have already declared these in the page, so I left it out.

@latortuga Thanks for your good effort.

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