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authenticate_user! ignores routes #2199

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I am using a model with the name 'admin' and in the controllers I add this line to the top:

before_filter :authenticate_admin!, :except => [:show, :index]

In routes I added the following:

devise_scope :admin do
get "/login" => "devise/sessions#new"
get "/logout" => "devise/sessions#destroy" # should be 'delete'

Devise redirects me to the address: http://localhost:3000/admins/sign_in

Hence, it breaks all links in the page, which are trying to reach an 'admins' controller.


Can you please provide a sample application that reproduces the error?

@josevalim josevalim closed this

Hello, forget about the last phrase in my previous post. But the redirection is still the same.

Well, it is simple...

$ rails new blog
$ cd blog/
$ subl Gemfile # Insert devise gem in Gemfile
$ rails g scaffold Post title:string body:text
$ bundle
$ rails generate devise Admin
$ rake db:migrate
$ rm ./public/index.html
$ subl ./config/routes.rb

Insert this:

devise_scope :admin do
get "/login" => "devise/sessions#new"
get "/logout" => "devise/sessions#destroy"

Adding this to controllers:

before_filter :authenticate_admin!, :except => [:show, :index]

Now, insert an user, login, post something there, logout and try to access the http://localhost:3000/posts/1/edit to be prompted for password.

It works, but I would rather get it redirected to "login" than "sessions_new". Is there any option to get the value I defined in the routes file?


What do you mean about redirecting to sessions_new? What is sessions_new?

@josevalim josevalim reopened this

From the wiki

Note that you can skip all sessions routes and define only your own using the skip option as below:

devise_for :users, :skip => [:sessions]
as :user do
  get 'signin' => 'devise/sessions#new', :as => :new_user_session
  post 'signin' => 'devise/sessions#create', :as => :user_session
  delete 'signout' => 'devise/sessions#destroy', :as => :destroy_user_session

This way :authenticate_user! and other helpers will be redirecting the user to the proper custom pages you defined.

@josevalim josevalim closed this
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