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kinfante commented Mar 8, 2013

Hi, I'm using devise 2.1.2 with timeoutable and confirmable enabled.

steps to simulate my situation.

  • sign up new user
  • wait until user session expires
  • click on email link to confirm account (same browser)

what it seems to happen after:

  • user account is confirmed
  • user is not logged in (i guess because the session expiration) and it is redirected to the same email link (confirmation link).

That redirect causes:
message: "Your account was successfully confirmed. You are now signed in. Your session expired, please sign in again to continue."
validation error: confirmation_token not valid

In my opinion it should force user to sign in. What do you think about it? Am I doing something wrong?

is there a way to custom this behavior in 2.1.2?



This looks like a bug. Could you please provide a test case that reproduces the issue? It would help us a lot on getting it fixed.


Could you provide more info? An application that reproduces the issue? Thanks.

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