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Can't find correct path to scoped views #654

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I have

# config/initializers/devise.rb
config.scoped_views = true

# config/routes.rb
namespace :actors do
  devise_for :account, :class_name => 'Actor', :module => 'devise'

I have the installed devise views in the directory app/views/actors/account/. However, Devise does not find these views. When I move them to the directory app/views/actors_account/ then Devise finds these views.

The problem is that Devise::Controllers::ScopedViews#render_with_scope tries first with devise_mapping.plural, which returns :actors_account. I would expect Devise to try first with 'actors/account' rather than :actors_account, because I would expect to the views to belong in app/views/actors/account.


Plataformatec member

Ensure namespaces has proper scoped views, closed by d8016ea


Thank you Jose!


Has this change been reverted since then? I'm still having this issue with the following routes:

  namespace :customer do
    devise_for :customer_users, :module => 'devise'

Devise looks for templates in app/views/customer_customer_users rather than in app/view/customer/customer_users.

I've solved this temporarily with this monkeypatch (changed devise_mapping.plural to devise_mapping.fullpath).

This issue was closed.
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