Resolves #1601 - Send confirmation email after_commit to avoid background jobs from trying to send email before record is created #1616

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josevalim commented Feb 3, 2012

Thanks. This means though that people tests will also break. We will probably need to add a configuration option so people could opt-in. But don't worry, I will tackle it from now on. Thanks!

josevalim closed this Apr 17, 2012


mhfs commented Jun 15, 2012

@josevalim any news on this front? I just got a related issue on devise-async. What can I do to help?

josevalim reopened this Jun 15, 2012


josevalim commented Jun 16, 2012

This is fixed on master. I have not added a specific configuration callback but a mechanism that allows you to easily change this. Here is the commit with documentation on how Devise Async could make use of it:


This should also allow you to get rid of the devise async proxy.

josevalim closed this Jun 16, 2012


mhfs commented Jun 18, 2012

Thanks a lot, again. :D

I'll look into how to change devise-async to take advantage of the change.

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