Example applications

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A list of example Rails applications that demonstrate how to use Devise. When adding your own examples, please add both Rails and Devise versions to your descriptions.

Rails 5.0.0 Example

Author Project Comments
bilal basharat Devise with Rails Rails 5.0.0, Devise 4.2.0, plus Bootstrap
sachin Rails5 skeleton Rails, Devise 4.2.0, plus Bootstrap4, Active Admin, STI for App patrons
RailsApps Devise and Rails Rails 5.0, Devise 3.2, plus Bootstrap or Foundation

Rails 4.2 Examples

Author Project Comments
RailsApps Devise and Pundit and Rails Rails 4.2, Devise 3.2, showing how to use Pundit for authorization
Mohit Jain Devise, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Linkedin Rails 4.2.3, Devise 3.2, Bootstrap, TurboLinks, carrierwave, MySql, Active Record. with Demo

Rails 4.0 Examples

Author Project Comments
Jay Shepherd Devise 3 example for Rails 4 Rails 4, Devise 3.0.0rc
Michael Lang Lazy Registration Rails 4, Ruby 2, Devise 3.0
Abhilash M A Token based authentication for API Rails 4, Ruby 2, Devise 3.0
Ritesh Kumar Devise, Mongoid, MySQL Base Application of Rails 4.0 using both MySQL and Mongo, Devise 3, CanCan, OmniAuth and Twitter Bootstrap
Rendered Text BaseApp Rails 4, PostgreSQL, jQuery, RSpec, Cucumber, Devise 3.2, FB login (OmniAuth), admin system

Older Examples

Author Project Comments
Andi Altendorfer Community Base Application Rails 3.2, Devise 1.4.2, OmniAuth 1.0.2, Mongoid, CanCan, Paperclip, etc.
W.R. de Vos rails_template Rails 3.2, Devise 2.1.2, Oauth with Facebook and Google login (OmniAuth 1.1.1), Mongoid, Cancan, Carrierwave, Rspec, Cucumber