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List of 3rd party Devise extensions.

ORM Support

mm-deviseDevise – MongoMapper

dm-deviseDevise – DataMapper

devise-couchDevise – Couch DB

devise-rippleDevise – Riak

Encryption Support

devise-encryptable – adds support of other authentication mechanisms besides the built-in Bcrypt (the default).

devise_aes_encryptableAES-256 Reversible Encryption

devise_account_expireable – Expire a user account at a specific date / time.

Mailing List Support

devise_mailchimp – MailChimp integration for Devise making it effortless for users to join mailing lists when they register their account.


cantango – Integrates Devise, Roles and CanCan with Permits for a Rails 3 app
(Replaces cream,

invitable – Adds support for send account invitations by email.

devise_traceable – Tracing Devise Model (Model Stamp login and logout)

devise_lastseenable – Just adds a last_seen datetime that’s updated whenever authenticate! is called.

devise_security_extension – Add “enterprise” functionality (strong passwords, password expire…, new: captcha support)

devise-basecamper – Add basecamp-style subdomain scoped authentication

two_factor_authentication – Add two factor authentication, like Gmail

External authentication integration

devise-browserid – Adds support for Mozilla Persona / BrowserID authentication.

facebook_connectable – Adds support for Facebook Connect authentication, and optionally fetching user info from Facebook in the same step.

oauth2_authenticatable – Adds support for OAuth2 (Facebook Graph) authentication.

oauth2_providable – Adds an OAuth2 authentication layer to protect API resources.

devise-twitter – Adds Sign in via Twitter and Connect your account to Twitter functionality

imapable – Adds support for authentication via imap, a great solution for internal application where no LDAP server exists.

ldap_authenticatable – Adds support for LDAP authentication via simple bind.

rpx_connectable – Adds support for RPX authentication. RPX provides free and paid services to handle many authentication providers (facebook, twitter, OpenID…) using a single API.

cas_authenticatable – Adds support for single sign-on via CAS and CAS-implementing servers.

openid_authenticatable – Adds support for OpenID authentication.

devise_paypal – Adds support for Paypal authentication

devise_google_authenticator – Adds support for Google’s Authenticator

devise_shibboleth_authenticatable – Adds support for Shibboleth

devise-radius-authenticatable – Adds support for authenticating against radius servers

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