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How To: Create Haml and Slim Views

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The Haml/Slim view generators were removed from Devise 1.2. Here is a tutorial how to create Haml/Slim views with Devise 1.2 or later.


rails generate devise:views

gem install html2haml
for file in app/views/devise/**/*.erb; do html2haml -e $file ${file%erb}haml && rm $file; done

gem install html2slim
for file in app/views/devise/**/*.erb; do erb2slim $file ${file%erb}slim && rm $file; done

On Windows

rails generate devise:views

gem install html2haml
for /r app\views\devise %I in (*) do html2haml -e "%I" "%~dpnI.haml"
del /f /s /q app\views\devise\*.erb

gem install html2slim
for /r app\views\devise %I in (*) do erb2slim "%I" "%~dpnI.slim"
del /f /s /q app\views\devise\*.erb


Create Haml views

First you need run the generator to create the devise ERB files.

rails generate devise:views

Now we need a tool called 'html2haml' which was formely a part of the 'haml' gem but is now separate.

gem install html2haml

Now for each erb file, generate a HAML copy.

find ./app/views/devise/** -name \*.erb -print | sed 'p;s/.erb$/.haml/' | xargs -n2 html2haml

After confirming that everything went as planned, delete the erb counterparts.

rm app/views/devise/**/*.erb

Create Slim views

We use a gem called 'html2slim' to create the Slim-views.

gem install html2slim

This package include a tool called erb2slim which can convert erb file to slim recursively. Option -d for delete the erb file after the convert finished.

erb2slim -d DIR
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