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History / How To: Set up devise as a single user system

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@philiboua philiboua With the solution implemented, the developer does not need to twist the code after registering a user. Dec 21, 2015 dc52780
@tobycox tobycox Update snippet for sign out link so that it uses correct DELETE method. Aug 4, 2015 7b68a86
@cosenmarco cosenmarco Corrected a typo Nov 23, 2011 af21de2
@bquorning bquorning Code highlightling Aug 17, 2011 59d75d6
@bquorning bquorning Better Markdown formatting Aug 17, 2011 dfc100c
@colinross colinross No idea why code is no being formatted right here, but at least this way its visible May 22, 2011 7e9e03a
@colinross colinross Updated How To: Set up devise as a single user system (markdown) May 17, 2011 5b28406
@colinross colinross Created a new How To for something I've done a couple times, isn't very obvious for some, and at least I think is helpful :) May 17, 2011 9f7fc06
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