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Customise your own I18n solution.

One easy way is to overwrite app/helpers/devise_helper.rb, which is mentioned as “A simple way to show error messages for the current devise resource. If you need to customize this method, you can either overwrite it in your application helpers or copy the views to your application.” in the comment.

Set default locale (config/application.rb)

config.i18n.default_locale = :sv

Use the devise-i18n gem

An effort to homogenize translations for devise is being made here:

Use a custom locale file

Alternatively use one of the following locale files.
Place them under config/locales.

Arabic ( by @tactius by @TamerShlash

Brazilian Portuguese ( by @mateusg by @phstc by @shadow11 by @danilofavacho for Devise 1.4.7 by @daniambrosio for Devise 2.1.2 by @lucascaton

Bulgarian ( by @bbatsov

Catalan ( by @codegram and @jrom

Chinese Simplified

devise.zh-CN.yml (for Devise v2.1) by @shichuan
devise.zh-CN.yml (for Devise v2.0) by @HungYuHei
devise.zh-cn.yml by @doabit
devise.zh-CN.yml by @acenqiu

Chinese Traditional

(for Devise v2.0, thanks to @l4u and @gugod) by @tomchentw

devise.zh-TW.yml by @l4u by @gugod

Croatian ( by @babinho

Czech (devise.cs.yml) by @bver

Danish (devise.da.yml) by @jgrau by @martinjlowm (Devise 2.0.0)

Dutch ( by @wilco

English (default)

This fill will be added automatically when using the generator.

Estonian ( by @borgand

Finnish ( by @akonan by @jarijokinen (Devise 2.0.0)

French ( by @simonc (Devise >= 2.0.0) by @bbenezech by @tadatoshi by @jujudellago (update for translated-views devise-1.1.2)

German ( (Sie) by @chrugail (Du) by @mrjfk10 (Du auch) by @punkrats (Sie) by @fschwahn (devise 2.0) (Du) by @ding280 (devise 2.0)

Hungarian ( by @czettnersandor

Hebrew (devise.he.yml), by @shmichael (devise 1.0.8)

Icelandic (

See devise-i18n

Indonesian (, by @yulrizka

Italian ( by @mcanato by @fuzziness (Devise 2.1.0)

Japanese (devise.ja.yml)

(>= 2.1.2) by @orzccc
(>= 1.1.2) by @yhara

Korean (devise.ko.yml) by @ruseel

Latvian ( by @mak-it

Lithuanian ( by @pacifists

Malaysian ( by @iqbalhasnan

Norwegian Bokmål (devise.nb.yml) by @bonkowski and @kjbekkelund by @henningjensen (devise 2.0)

Persian (devise.fa.yml) by @ryco

Polish ( by @sickill by @grzesiub by @marioosh (devise 1.2) by @rogal111 (devise 1.4.2) by @saepia (devise 1.4.6) by @kszksz (devise 2.0.0) by @Nowaker (devise 2.0.1 + language fixes)

Portugal Portuguese ( by @alexreisner by @pama

Romanian ( by @polmolea

Russian (, by @Antiarchitect
[GEM] by @korobkov, by @sergio-fry (devise 2.0.1 +)

Serbian (ћирилица) ( by @batamire (devise >= 2.1)

Serbian (latinica) ( by @Maidomax (devise >= 2.1)

Slovak ( by @marospixel

Slovenian ( by @samotarnik (Devise 2.1.2)

Spanish ( by @ianmurrays (Tu) (for Devise 1.4.4) (Tu) (for Devise 1.4.2) by @willywg (Tu) by @scambra (Tu) by @pacoguzman (Tu) by @eduludi (Usted) by @ChristopherThorpe, forked from 1196295 – Spanish Mexican for Devise 1.4.8 by Gabriel Medina Rha7 (Mexico – Usted) by @albertopadilla (Mexico – Tú) by @albertopadilla (Guatemala – Tu – devise 2.0.4) by @sartip

Swedish ( by @flojon

Turkish ( by @cihad

Vietnamese ( by @stnguyen

Ukrainian ( by @kolodiazhnyi

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