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Skye Shaw sshaw Add section about validatable min password length 68693d5
Skye Shaw sshaw Use bold instead italics in MySQL note 4dc7786
Skye Shaw sshaw Added note about MySQL and the use of the lower function 692ccda
Brian Jenkins bonkydog Update cucumber sign-out via DELETE to temporarily switch to rack_test driver. 5ccfc5a
Paulo Henrique Lopes Ribeiro plribeiro3000 Revert 8ce08ba96f2367c64286a1065b6334ab1566e120 ... 0b7da1683d8b30e175a1b41f47afaf92bb35989f on How To: Override confirmations so users can pick their own passwords as part of confirmation activation 310f191
Paulo Henrique Lopes Ribeiro plribeiro3000 Updated How To: Override confirmations so users can pick their own passwords as part of confirmation activation (markdown) 0b7da16
Paulo Henrique Lopes Ribeiro plribeiro3000 There is no need to define a proxy method. Just call the new method name! bef0ed2
Camden Narzt CamJN Fixed for Rails 4 compatibility 208bc33
Manthan Mallikarjun nahtnam Updated instructions in the Wiki which solves a bug where the user cannot request a password change or confirmation email. 7de9dea
Betjamin Richards betjaminrichards Added detail on how to get the reconfirmable option to still work when using this approach. 51705e2
Rain Chen rainchen show how to put "to_prepare" into config/initializers/devise.rb 44c3653
Collin Donahue-Oponski colllin broken link f197aac
Lucas Mazza lucasmazza Destroyed How To: Controllers and Views tests with Rails 3 (and rspec) (markdown) 8dc2d7b
Matt Haliski matthaliski Added `(sign_up_params)` to `build_resource` to Alternate implementation to make form sticky. 9e52f5a
amuntasim amuntasim store location if it is get request 62bfb7f
amuntasim amuntasim request.fullpath is replaced with request.path as request.fullpath returns with get params. 0955a05
Justas Palumickas jpalumickas Add Lithuanian translation for v3.2 223661f
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes Move all troubleshooting to a separate section at the end of the guide fd11a0a
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes Link to wiki page OmniAuth with multiple models cdf8269
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes There is no need to call save since the `first_or_create` method already saves the user 011d9f0
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes Explain the purpose of the `on_failure` hook 5866745
José Salinas josal I come back here to modify the same: it is needed to save the user after the attributes assignment! d8c857f
Waqar Baig waqar-baig Created Confirmable with many emails (markdown) acf6be7
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes Explain when to use `:event => :authentication` and link to SO answer 11f193f
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes Refactor from_omniauth method 3fab987
Guilherme Simões guilhermesimoes Revert f038a55^ ... f038a55 on OmniAuth: Overview fadd3fa
José Salinas josal Updated OmniAuth: Overview (markdown) f038a55
Chris Bloom chrisbloom7 Revert faa4a4571d0bf654f2699ecc6f43d837b3054c8a ... 5b86103af6f9aa323207f4fae0cf34d30d8380f2 on How To: Override confirmations so users can pick their own passwords as part of confirmation activation 8ce08ba
Chris Bloom chrisbloom7 Removing the `attempt_set_password` method from the Rails 2.3 + Devise 1.0 section because it would always generate a password even if the password confirmation didn't match 5b86103
aaronchi aaronchi rspec expects syntax fff9107
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