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@drn drn downcase doesn't work form multi-word resources (AdminUser should be :admin_user instead of :adminuser) Aug 30, 2016 ce136ee
@ronnyworm ronnyworm Making CALLBACK_URL easier to understand. Aug 24, 2016 e473915
@ronnyworm ronnyworm Just spent three hours figuring out how the Callback-URL should look like. It's really important! Aug 24, 2016 d9861c7
@HealthGrid HealthGrid Updated I18n (textile) Aug 24, 2016 7a0252b
@1c7 1c7 How devise work -> How does devise work Aug 24, 2016 9905a99
@YoHoJo YoHoJo grammar Aug 24, 2016 66c726e
@nikklein nikklein Updated OmniAuth: Overview (markdown) Aug 23, 2016 844fe50
@1c7 1c7 Updated Home (markdown) Aug 23, 2016 51793a7
@1c7 1c7 Created How devise work (markdown) Aug 23, 2016 22f27ab
@ramonrails ramonrails Updated How To: Send devise emails in background (Resque, Sidekiq and Delayed::Job) (markdown) Aug 23, 2016 0128ecc
@tebayoso tebayoso Url for ommiauth link helper was deprecated Aug 22, 2016 a23fd15
@chabgood chabgood Small refactor Aug 21, 2016 5917555
@sunny sunny Fixedruby comments Aug 19, 2016 6a47c88
@zhaqiang zhaqiang Remove unnecessary `Warden.test_mode!` Aug 19, 2016 8dc0f4e
@boatrite boatrite I mean, this thing had an incorrect description and way more code than necessary. It's already built into Devise. Don't rewrite it. Aug 18, 2016 e3dd5cb
@kaorumori kaorumori Updated I18n (textile) Aug 18, 2016 9143b2e
@kaorumori kaorumori Updated I18n (textile) Aug 18, 2016 b7746b4
@ryleto ryleto @users should return a collection instead of a single object Aug 17, 2016 4b97dfe
@ryleto ryleto revising text for clarification Aug 16, 2016 0e50253
@neanias neanias Use GitHub syntax highlighting for code Aug 15, 2016 d6161cd
@bilalbash bilalbash I have added a link to rails 5 application with devise Aug 13, 2016 e371d3c
@eliotsykes eliotsykes Updated instructions to make it clear this functionality is built-in since Devise 3.5.3 Aug 10, 2016 223faa7
@victorximenis victorximenis Fix typo Aug 10, 2016 ef4f5a2
@victorximenis victorximenis New Brazilian translation for last version of Devise Aug 10, 2016 fe15ad8
@simonneutert simonneutert rails 4.2 does not throws an error, when written in that order Aug 9, 2016 e549da0
@MyExperiments MyExperiments Created How to : Skip Devise Session Timeout for Other controller actions (markdown) Aug 5, 2016 2d3d422
@CGA1123 CGA1123 including `Devise::TestHelpers` is deprecated and will be removed from Devise. Aug 5, 2016 dd0f342
@1c7 1c7 Revision is welcome :) Aug 4, 2016 3e74061
@bernardofire bernardofire Fix "Redirecting user" session Aug 4, 2016 d251529
@rkorzen rkorzen before_create doesn't work for me (rails 5, ruby-2.3.1). before_validation fix the problem Aug 2, 2016 f092449