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Damian Nowak Nowaker remove unneeded whitespaces ad3543a
Robert Rawlins SirRawlins Malformed link. 9cb1336
Robert Rawlins SirRawlins Just released my new gem, thought it might be useful for the community. 83e22bd
Vasin Dmitriy DemitriyDN Updated How To: Allow users to sign in using their username or email address (markdown) 6070b1c
Shane O'Grady shaneog Updated How To: Test with Capybara (markdown) fecf921
Shane O'Grady shaneog Add more up-to-date links for Poltergeist 2b3b0a0
Sikandar Shukla bhaity rm unnecessary profanity fb2c202
Dimitris Klisiaris dklisiaris Add an updated greek locale d746bb5
victorhazbun87 victorhazbun87 Updated How To: Create a guest user (markdown) 83f0f4d
Curt Rowe gcortes Minor grammar change and clarifications 68a101c
Joshua Dance joshdance typo fix aef37f8
Joshua Dance joshdance added proper syntax highlighting c86d7cf
Joshua Dance joshdance added the full migration so it wasn't confusing. 131d4fa
Joshua Dance joshdance `Now you are able to`, is correct. `Now you are able to do` is not correct. 36162c1
William Mathewson neanias Adjusted code snippets to use Markdown syntax highlighting 01917b6
Diego Alvarado daao87 Updated I18n (textile) 73741dc
LucasAU LucasAU Updated How To: Redirect with locale after authentication failure (markdown) 5eba6c0
Chris chris-roerig Added is_active to FactoryGirl example f170234
Pranav pranav7 Corrects a typo! 56cb795
Anna Ślimak lesniakania I think this could be updated after my change 7a55e62
Gabriel Vaquer tujamaica add spanish translation for 3.4.1 19ea30a
Andy Pickler BigGillyStyle Missing 'do' to start block b928393
tobeportable tobeportable missing the key `:email` when calling `find_or_create_by` c6b4fca
tobeportable tobeportable rails 4 has no more find_or_create_by_email, and u most likely are not going to save the password in db, since u are querrying the ldap server on each login with ldap.auth 22feabc
tobeportable tobeportable fix typo 7e26251
Jordi Garcia jordigg Updated I18n (textile) 9be3c2a
Jordi Garcia jordigg Updated Spanish and Catalan translations to 3.2.4 468c88f
BigMcLargeHuge changed helper to get full url 56da359
BigMcLargeHuge using url_for as previously described gets weird when you have both an admin model AND a user model. I found it much easier to use the helpers. f66a725
Jake Quain quainjn Use raw SQL for setting confirmed_at rather than referencing User class 172c370
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