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Manage github's hooks with a simple command line tool
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This is an internal gem at Plataformatec (

We use it to create and delete hooks in our github repositories (like campfire notifications for push and pull_request and CI integration with web push hooks).


First, create ~/.github-hook.yml with

user: github_username
password: github_personal_access_token_see_below
campfire_token: campfire_api_token
#optional api_url, default
#api_url: https://mygithubenterprise/api/v3

Then you can use the command github-hook to list, create email, web and campfire hooks or delete them. Other hooks are not yet implemented (pull requests are appreciated!).

How to create Personal Access Token

Go to the Authorized Applications page and click "Create new token" under "Personal Access Tokens".


The user specified MUST have administration rights for the repositories you want to set/delete hooks.

The available commands are:

$ github-hook
  github-hook help [TASK]                                                  # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  github-hook list user/repo                                               # List hooks in the given repository
  github-hook email user/repo events --address=ADDRESS                     # Add an email hook in the given repository. Events must be separated by commas.
  github-hook web user/repo events --url=URL --content-type=json           # Add a web hook in the given repository. Events must be separated by commas. Content type defaults to form encoded.
  github-hook campfire user/repo events --room=ROOM --subdomain=SUBDOMAIN  # Add a campfire hook in the given repository. Events must be separated by commas.
  github-hook delete user/repo hook_number                                 # Delete the hook from the given repository

List hooks

github-hook list plataformatec/devise 

Create a new email hook

github-hook email plataformatec/devise "push"

Create a new web hook

github-hook web plataformatec/devise "pull_request, push" --url= --content-type=json

This creates a new web hook that calls the url specified by --url with a content type of json. The events that this hooks listens must be the third argument and they must be separated by commas.

Create a new campfire hook

github-hook campfire plataformatec/devise pull_request,push,issue_comment --room="My Room" --subdomain="My Subdomain"

Creates a new campfire hook. The token used for authentication with Campfire must be provided in your ~/.github-hook.yml (see Configuration above).

Delete a hook

github-hook delete plataformatec/devise 1010

Deletes the hook 1010 from the given repository. You can get the hook id from the url listed in github-hook list user/repo.


The available events that github gives us are:

Email events:

  • push

Campfire events:

  • push
  • pull_request
  • issues

Web events:

  • push
  • pull_request
  • issues
  • issue_comment

Github's documentation about hooks ( and does not have all these hooks listed, but they are working with us.


MIT License. Copyright 2012-2014 Plataformatec.