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Flash now uses @discard instead of @used.

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1 parent bcd5468 commit f0f6422723f212705562434f8f153f91c30e0c18 @spectator spectator committed Feb 28, 2013
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@@ -181,13 +181,13 @@ def test_never_set_flash_now
# If we have, it's always marked as used.
def assert_flash_now(k)
- assert flash.instance_variable_get(:@used).to_a.include?(k.to_sym),
+ assert flash.instance_variable_get(:@discard).to_a.include?(k.to_sym),
"Expected #{k} to be in, but it's not."
def assert_not_flash_now(k)
assert flash[k], "Expected #{k} to be set"
- assert !flash.instance_variable_get(:@used).include?(k.to_sym),
+ assert !flash.instance_variable_get(:@discard).include?(k.to_sym),
"Expected #{k} to not be in, but it is."

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