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Responders Backport for Rails 2.3.x

Loving Rails 3 Responders[1] feature? Me too.

Wants to use Responders in your Rails 2.3.x apps? Use InheritedResources. IR backports [2] Responder to your Rails 2.3.x apps and adds lots of useful and awesome features.

However, in some cases we don't want to use all IR awesome features. So, I extracted Responders-backporting-stuff to a minimal lib. This is mainly to be use as a dependency by Restfulie (



Please see these posts about Responders :


This is not entirely true, since Rails 3 Responders was actually inspired by InheritedResources new features to Rails 2.

Copyright © 2010 George Guimarães and José Valim See the attached MIT License.

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