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Passing block to association does not work on belongs_to #50

denispeplin opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Model code

class MbbUnit < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :mbb_consumer

view code:

  <%= s.association :mbb_consumer do |c| %>
    <%= %>
  <% end %>

It does not actually matter what I'm putting inside block, to_s method always called on 'parent' model.

I also checked has_many association with block, and it works as expected.


I think that ability to pass block with argument is for has_many associations. For belongs_to you can use :using option

<%= a.association :artist, :using => :name_with_title %>

Thanks! If there no other ways to do this, I will try this approach. But I need to pass block with helpers, and I'm not sure it is right way to use helpers inside model.


@denispeplin if it does not work out of the box, please feel free to send a patch adding this feature. Thanks!


Finally found some time to fix this. Hope the patch is not too bad.

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