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require 'simple_form/action_view_extensions/form_helper'
require 'simple_form/action_view_extensions/builder'
require 'simple_form/action_view_extensions/instance_tag'
module SimpleForm
autoload :Components, 'simple_form/components'
autoload :FormBuilder, 'simple_form/form_builder'
autoload :I18nCache, 'simple_form/i18n_cache'
autoload :Inputs, 'simple_form/inputs'
autoload :MapType, 'simple_form/map_type'
# Default tag used on hints.
mattr_accessor :hint_tag
@@hint_tag = :span
# Default tag used on errors.
mattr_accessor :error_tag
@@error_tag = :span
# Components used by the form builder.
mattr_accessor :components
@@components = [ :label, :input, :hint, :error ]
# Series of attemps to detect a default label method for collection.
mattr_accessor :collection_label_methods
@@collection_label_methods = [ :to_label, :name, :title, :to_s ]
# Series of attemps to detect a default value method for collection.
mattr_accessor :collection_value_methods
@@collection_value_methods = [ :id, :to_s ]
# You can wrap all inputs in a pre-defined tag. By default is nil.
mattr_accessor :wrapper_tag
@@wrapper_tag = nil
# How the label text should be generated altogether with the required text.
mattr_accessor :label_text
@@label_text = lambda { |label, required| "#{required} #{label}" }
# Collection of methods to detect if a file type was given.
mattr_accessor :file_methods
@@file_methods = [ :mounted_as, :file?, :public_filename ]
# Default priority for time_zone inputs.
mattr_accessor :time_zone_priority
@@time_zone_priority = nil
# Default priority for country inputs.
mattr_accessor :country_priority
@@country_priority = nil
# Default way to setup SimpleForm. Run script/generate simple_form_install
# to create a fresh initializer with all configuration values.
def self.setup
yield self
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