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# Use this setup block to configure all options available in SimpleForm.
SimpleForm.setup do |config|
config.wrappers :foundation, :class => :input, :hint_class => :field_with_hint, :error_class => :error do |b|
b.use :html5
b.use :placeholder
b.optional :maxlength
b.optional :pattern
b.optional :min_max
b.optional :readonly
b.use :label_input
b.use :error, :wrap_with => { :tag => :small }
# Uncomment the following line to enable hints. The line is commented out by default since Foundation
# does't provide styles for hints. You will need to provide your own CSS styles for hints.
# b.use :hint, :wrap_with => { :tag => :span, :class => :hint }
# CSS class for buttons
config.button_class = 'button'
# CSS class to add for error notification helper.
config.error_notification_class = 'alert-box alert'
# The default wrapper to be used by the FormBuilder.
config.default_wrapper = :foundation
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