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Explain that `simple_fields_for` uses `fields_for` in the README

Closes #545
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1 parent 45ae549 commit 0d292d0d4b8cf881677094bc93dc7532eff89d9f @rafaelfranca rafaelfranca committed Apr 23, 2012
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@@ -348,7 +348,8 @@ on `simple_form_for` helper. They are listed below.
#### Simple Fields For
-Wrapper to use SimpleForm inside a default rails form
+Wrapper to use **SimpleForm** inside a default rails form. It works in the same way that the `field_for`
+Rails helper, but change the builder to use the `SimpleForm::FormBuilder`.
form_for @user do |f|
@@ -359,6 +360,7 @@ form_for @user do |f|
#### Collection Radio Buttons
Creates a collection of radio inputs with labels associated (same API as `collection_select`):

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