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When using a collection with checkboxes or radio buttons, there is no space between the checkbox/radio button and the label. But there is a space for a boolean attribute checkbox. I think a space should be added to the collections to make it consistent with boolean attributes.


Hey Ryan. Are you using it with :nested or :inline option? Cloud you send us the generated HTML?



It is the default after running rails g simple_form:install, which is :nested. Here are two lines from the HTML source. The first one being part of a boolean attribute, the second one being part of a collection.

<label class="boolean optional control-label checkbox" for="product_discontinued"><input class="boolean optional" id="product_discontinued" name="product[discontinued]" type="checkbox" value="1" /> Discontinued</label>
<label class="checkbox"><input checked="checked" class="check_boxes optional" id="product_category_ids_4" name="product[category_ids][]" type="checkbox" value="4" />Strategy</label>

Notice no space in the second one.


I saw the source of this behavior.

When you use the :boolean input the SimpleForm use the label_text lambda to generate the label text. By default the label_text is "#{required} #{label}". Inside the BooleanInput required is always false so the label_text output will always have a whitespace before. If someone change the label_text lambda to "#{label} #{required}" the whitespace will be after the text, so changing the collection helpers to add the whitespace will not be easy.

I can fix this issue easily removing the whitespace in all the checkboxes radio buttons inputs. Do you think that this is enough?

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca was assigned Mar 2, 2012

I think having any kind of consistency here would be a good thing, whether it be a space or not a space. Padding can always be added through CSS once things are consistent.


Fixed. Thanks to report

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