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i18n keyname for f.association #679

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Suspect I'm missing something obvious here.

In the model:

  belongs_to :composer

On the view (haml):

    = f.input :title
    = f.input :soloists
    = f.association :composer

In the translation file:

        title: 'Song Title'
        soloists: 'Soloist(s)'
        composer: 'Composer Name'

For the two text fields I get the correct i18n name
For the composer field - I get a real nice dropdown - but the label "Composer" - looks like it's the auto-generated name for fields without an i18n key.

Am not seeing what key needs to be given to match for form fields made with f.association - would love someone to point me in the right direction :)

Versions - rails 3.2.8, simple_form 2.0.4

@chrissearle chrissearle referenced this issue in chrissearle/notearkiv

Simple form f.association fields field name i18n #13

@nashby nashby closed this in c5f913c

@chrissearle I've just fixed it in master branch. For now you can use composer_id: 'Composer Name' in your locale file. Thank you.

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